The Pelicans Look Like The Walking Dead....

Nothing like a good old fashioned blog to get all the negative energy out after a horrific unacceptable home loss. I am honestly kind of pissed hours later.

The Pelicans lost at home to the freaking Orlando Magic tonight in an absolute MUST WIN home game. I try to spin everything positively and I am at a loss on this one.

New Orleans has come out completely flat in all 3 games since the All Star Break. It feels like the news of Zion re-injuring his hamstring has gutted the morale of the team. They got absolutely destroyed in New York by the Knicks Saturday night and this had to the game to stop the bleeding.

Willie Green played a lineup of CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, Herb Jones, Josh Richardson and Jaxson Hayes??? with the game on the line and shockingly they had a hard time scoring. Trey Murphy is going through a brutal stretch and it is hurting the Pelicans offense in a big way after he emerged the last couple of months.

With the loss, the Pelicans are now 30-32 and tied for the 10th and final play in spot with Portland. Both the Lakers and Thunder are nipping at their heels. New Orleans also stinks on the road hence having to win home games against bad teams at all costs.

Who knows about the Zion timeframe at this point? Given his injury history, I am not sure how you can hope for more than a couple of regular season games at best. 

The Pels go back on the road until next Wednesday with games in Portand, Sacramento and Golden State. A 3 game losing streak could bury them and it is hard to feel optimistic about any of those games right now.

Being back in New Orleans has me so much more invested. It is not a secret how much I love going to these home games, I think I have missed one while I was in town in the last two months. And it makes the losing sting that much more.

Such is the life of a fan through good times and bad...

I did have a great time with Megan Makin' Money and the Jumbotron loved her dance moves. And we got to meet.a bunch of cool Stoolies. That's about all the positives I got for tonight because the game sure as hell was not one.

Thanks to our friends at Gametime App for the tickets.