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On A Scale From 1-10, How Delusional Are These 20-Something Year Old Girls Who Want To Be Stay At Home Moms, Expect Their Husbands To Bring In $500,000 A Year, And Think The Median Household Income For Their Age Is $250,000?

A friend sent this to me (he asked not to be named as he didn't want to suffer any consequences in the dating scene). 

I've watched it a few times and I've laughed out loud at a different part each time. 

First up, you've got this girl.

She wants to be a stay at home mom. Which I respect. She's honest for one. She probably enjoyed the luxury of growing up in a household where her mom stayed home and took care of her and her siblings. Something I think most people would agree would be amazing to see more of, for the fabric of this country, and our youth. It's just crazy hard to do these days with how expensive it is to live, nevermind raise a family. Dual incomes are pretty much a necessity to survive in the middle class.

That said, things went completely off the rails for this lovely young lady once she began throwing out mid-6 figure numbers for hubby to be making in the cubes and bringing home at the age of 27. 

I don't know what entry-level or mid-management at Ernst and Young is paying these days but I don't think its a quarter of a mil. You better start hitting the divorcee bars, or find yourself a sugar daddy in his 40s or higher because anybody younger bringing in that kind of money isn't shopping for what you're selling.

Which brings us to the next girl. 

I have an honest question to ask. 

Which way do you want it ladies?

Do you want "equality" and to be on the same level as men, which in 2023 is more than justified and long overdue? Or do you want this backward, "his money is our money, but my money is mine" bullshit like this girl? Because you can't have both. Figure it the fuck out.

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Next up, 

Isn't that rich? (Pun intended but not intended).

"If your wife can spend more than you make you need to make more money" is basically saying go dig a hole in sand guys. Because the faster you dig, the more than hole is just gonna fill back in. 

We're really on a roll here so far.

Let's see who's up next,

this young lady who was asked what she thinks guys her age make a year. Her response? 150k to A MILLION a year.

Here on planet Earth, not in fucking la-la land it's actually $48,000 (median) babe.

Same with her friend. 

$250k a year?

What bars, restaurants, gyms, and clubs are these girls going out to where they're meeting guys in their 20's who give off vibes they're pulling in $250,000 a year?

Try 1/5 of that hun. 

Ladies, do me a favor here. Don't let the leased cars, fake watches, hideous Balenciaga clothes and shoes, and credit card bottle service fool you. Most of these guys live at home with their mom and dad still, are still on their parents' cell phone plan, and have never even heard of savings account. If they do live on their own, they probably don't have a headboard on their bed, or anything besides condiments in the fridge. And that's totally fine you know why? Because that's called being in your 20's. 

Your 20's is basically learning to survive. All through your life you have your parents to do everything for you. You think you're some badass who doesn't need their parents, and they're such a drag, but in actuality, they pretty much keep you alive and save you from dying. They feed you. Clothe you. Put a roof over your head. All essentials and necessities I don't think really dawns on you until you're out of fake-life college and in the real world where nobody gives a flying fuck about you. You can sleep all day, not get out of bed, not show up for work, not pay your bills, and nobody will care. Soon enough you'll find yourself out on the streets hustling with Tyrone Biggums and smoking crack rock though.

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It's a time when you really discover yourself and realize it's sink or swim. And unless you're a one a million like Greg Louganis, or daddy owns a big company, you're swimming against the current, with no life preserver. 

You learn how to live on little, stretch dollars, and begin to realize just how fucking expensive it was for your parents to raise you. Your meal card from college is gone so your diet is usually shit. A gym membership is a luxury. It sucks but it's also the most fun time of your life. True, real independence.

Fuck, when I was in my 20s I lived on 3 of my friends' couch for 6 months, didn't make a rent payment on time ever I think, ate pasta or the Mcdonalds' dollar menu 6 nights a week, and could afford to go out once, MAYBE twice a week to a bar or a club. And I was working two jobs! I worked at a law firm clerking all day from 8-6 and then would DJ at night Thursdays, some Fridays, and Saturdays. I think I was making $600 a week at the law firms and like $50 a night DJing. I was poor as hell. But I was also happy as a pig in shit. 

Even with inflation, I don't think 20-year-olds today are making much more than the $30k I was pulling in a year 15 years ago. 

If you're a female, that age, that's looking to settle down with somebody that same age, and be a stay-at-home mom, you better get used to sucking it up and learning how to live on a budget for a while. Or you can go to Dubai and see how that works out for you. There's always that.

Because being this delusional (a 12 by the way, to answer my question in the blog title) is only setting yourself up for failure. Just like the podcaster said at the end. Having expectations like this isn't just unrealistic, it's lunacy. Clean it up ladies.