This Guy That Won The Lottery Twice By Accident Is A Real Son Of A Bitch

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UPI - A Michigan man who accidentally bought two identical tickets for the same Fantasy 5 lottery drawing ended up winning two jackpots -- a total prize of $240,338.

The 67-year-old Oakland County man told Michigan Lottery officials he bought both of his tickets for the Feb. 6 drawing at on different dates.

"Every week I purchase a multi-draw Fantasy 5 ticket with the same set of numbers I have been playing for four years," the player said. "I was going out of town, so I bought a muti-draw ticket to cover the drawings while I was gone. There was some overlap on the drawings of the new ticket I had purchased and the multi-draw ticket I had purchased a few days prior."

Unreal. What a lucky asshole. Way to rub it in our face pal. "Oh Shucks… I'm going away and bought the one in advance to cover my drawing and it just happened to hit twice." Screw you. I haven't won a 50/50 at a golf outing let alone a lottery drawing, and we got this asshole out here drilling two jackpots in my face. Lucky bastard. 

I actually have never been a lottery player. The rare, rare times I have played the lotto it's been because the deli posts a piece of paper on the register with a disgusting number like 350 million or 432 million, and you go "what the hell" because you know if you find out a ticket was sold in that location you will be distraught. So wasting the $5 is no big deal. The other times I've played is back in the cubes when the office would pool the money together and buy a bunch of tickets. Imagine being the guy who doesn't put in and the office wins? Brutal. 

I actually always had an idea that if they collect $10 a person from everyone, only half of that should be used to buy tickets (because we all know you won't win anyway), and let that pot be a 50/50 for one person in the office after you pick a name out of the hat. If you were all going to lose, at least let someone walk away with a couple of hundred bucks and have a nice day. 

I know there's a big contingent of people who play the numbers religiously that have their system along with the terms and lingo "box, straight" etc, who take it super seriously. I know this because they somehow, some way seem to be in front of me listing out 6000 different combos of tickets when I am trying to buy a Metro Card. I always hope they lose. And after reading this story I hope this guy never wins again, He got his luck, don't hog it.