Dan Bilzerian Once Played a $1 Million Buy-In Heads Up Match vs A Billionaire And Kicked The Billionaires Ass


Dan Bilzerian is very polarizing. At this point I'm rather indifferent on him- like do people really care about him anymore? After the 100th time of him parading around supermodels on his private plane you grow immune to it. In fact, I think his life looks like it sucks. It cannot be fun nor interesting to hang out with 10 women and zero bros. What do you talk about? Who do you watch sports with? Is anyone really impressed by his lifestyle? Paying for company like that makes me kinda sad, it seems so unfulfilling. 

And then there is poker player Dan Bilzerian. There's the story that goes around all the time that Dan has made $100 million playing poker. And some people call cap on it. But as far as I understand, it's not only likely, but $100 million might be low. You see, there are all sorts of private games that rich as hell businessmen play in with extremely high stakes. They want to play with Bilzerian because he's the "cool guy from Instagram" who always brings models with him, has a ton of money, and willing to give action. But also, he's good at poker and cleans up at those games. It's true, he's good at poker. 


So back to Chance's story. Chance is an extremely good poker player. One of the best, to the point he was Bilzerian's coach for a $1 million heads up match vs a billionaire. Chance is also super reputable and well respected by everyone. He goes on...



Chance was given a $10k free roll if Bilzerian won over a million dollars in the game. A pretty good hourly rate for a few hours of coaching, especially if you believe Dan is the better player, which clearly he was.

We go on…



So they developed a gameplan on how to beat the billionaire, with some of the conversation happening from a parking lot in Colorado. The billionaire was going to play wildly, and they were going to be ready for it. 

And what happened?




Bilzerian won $10.8 million THAT NIGHT. So back to that $100 million debate, he won over 10% of that amount in one night vs one guy in one match. 

We've had Chance on the podcast a couple of times and he's a great guest, great guy, and obviously a great poker player. Maybe needs to become a little better of a negotiator, but hey, room for improvement.