High School Coach Goes Into The Crowd And Attacks Fan In A Bizarre Scene

TMZ- A Virginia girls high school basketball coach snapped on a spectator during a game last week -- climbing into the stands to grab and shove the man ... and the wild outburst was all captured on video.

The incident happened at the end of the Richlands contest against Wise Central on Feb. 23 ... when Richlands coach Tom Rife went after a man behind his team's bench.

You can see in broadcast footage of the game, the person in the white T-shirt appeared to say things to Rife ... which set the coach off.

If you thought Fran McCaffery staring down official Kelly Pfeifer was bad , be prepared to adjust your scale of the craziest thing that happened this weekend. 

Fran caught some shit for this, but he looks like a choir boy compared to the maniac in this video. What an absolute scene in Virginia. It looks like a normal timeout, and the next thing you know he's up and over the seats at a spectator (maybe parent's) neck. 

Lunacy. So much to unpack here ? What did this guy say ? What made the coach go bizzerk ? Has this happened before ? Listen if I learned anything over the years it's to let the little things go. You can't be flying off the handle because someone let's say calls you a name, or your first name, or razzes you over a bet, or puts your face on a clown, or mentions cheeseburgers in the quantity of 50… just let it go. Life's too short to get worked up over little things. Take it easy pal … it's better to laugh it off. If you don't they'll just come at you even harder. Laugh it off …way easier. 

Final thought, given how quick the clip unfolds you can't even tell who is in the wrong here, or what could have set this off. Just a complete light switch flip moment. Off one minute, on the next. Nuts. Total nuts video. 

No official decision has been made regarding Fife's status of employment. 

TMZ- "While we do not condone any misconduct from our coaches or spectators at this time we are still investigating the actions of all parties involved," Stacy said.