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We Got A New Ted Lasso Trailer And It Basically Confirms Nate Will Go Down As An All-Time TV Series Dweeb

Alright now we have our first real look at season 3 of Ted Lasso. We got a little teaser a couple weeks ago but now we can start guessing at what's going to happen this season. Let me tell you what ain't no guess. 

Nate is the ultimate dweeb. 

Not just an ultimate dweeb. He's going to go down as one of the biggest dweeb in TV series history. It's clear they are focusing on him vs Ted this season - which is fine. I don't even hate the Nate heel turn. The show needed something new, you can't just keep focusing on Jamie's turnaround or being promoted/relegated. We now have someone to hate. This fucker. 

What a smug asshole. Great smug face. I know Nate is the one we all hate but Rupert is an elite villain too. It's what makes the show great. Yeah, I know, people hate it. I don't. I find it entertaining and such an easy watch. But now that we have a team to root against in a fake show makes it even better. 

I'm sure we can predict is going to happen here. They lay it out for us. It's Ted Lasso killing Nate with kindness and making him question everything. That said, this move is diabolical: 

Showing up at a West Ham game with that shit-eating Midwestern grin. That's how you start some mental warfare whether you try it or not. That said, I hope we don't get Nate coming back to the Richmond/good side. I don't want the happy ending. I want there to be misery. I want Ted and Richmond to crush him. 

PS: I know this is all fake because they have Chelsea scoring a goal in the promo.