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Poor Bosco Can't Catch A Damn Break In The Basketball World

Wait, you thought I meant a different Bosco? Why? Nate Oats say something stupid again? Anywho, no. I'm talking St. John Bosco here, a team who lost in one of the worst ways possible. You're just trying to drain clock, take the last shot so either you win or go to OT. Standard high school basketball process here. Then it happened. 

We got the peak of ones life. I don't care if this is sectional finals or a regular season game. Winning on a dunk like that? Good luck finding a cooler moment. You get the individual success and the team success. Plus, just being able to dunk that smooth in high school is a big enough win. Don't get me wrong it's a hell of play from start to finish. Makes the defensive play, realizes clock and situation. Win. Bang. 

Poor Bosco man. I feel bad for the guy on the end of this. The one who made the turnover or got back late for the block. They are the ones who are also going viral and just hoping no one recognizes them. Just move along. This is where you need to get back to the days we grew up in and everything was word of mouth. You didn't have viral moments like this. You had to hear the story from someone who knew someone there.