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The VCU Band Going HAM With Their Haka War Dance

TBL - At the VCU Black & Gold game on Sunday, Virginia Commonweath’s student pep band, The Peppas, did the traditional M?ori war dance. According to a Reddit poster, the chant was led by a student from the Pacific Islands.

You know the old saying “50% of winning a basketball game is intimidation”. Well, what about when it’s 100%, and it’s all coming from your band? That was some intense shit. VCU is ranked 16th, and I think it’s obvious why. Haka. If you’re in the A10, I’m not sure you even make the trip to Richmond to face the Rams. You have Shaka Smart coming at you from one side, you have their teamship coming at you from another, and if Jerilyn shows up, good fucking luck. VCU, Final 4, lock it up.