Big Dick Booty Daddy Returns To Face "The Conor McGregor Of West Virginia" At RNR20 On Friday

The rumors are true, that ultimate piece of human filth "Big Dick Booty Daddy" is coming back to RNR20 this Friday night. For anyone that's upset to see him back, I completely feel you on that since I can't believe it either. But after talking with "Irish Dave Portnoy" AKA West Virginia Conor McGregor on REF N' ROBBIE and hearing him explain why he begged for this matchup, it made a little more sense. 

Irish Dave wants to get JUSTICE for RNR & any fan out there who felt betrayed by that horrific "fight" against Bobby Laing. He wants to pulverize Fabio's face in, make him bleed his own blood, and embarrass him in front of the hometown fans. Apparently this matchup was supposed to happen at RNR19 in December but Big Dick was still banned by the boxing commission. Well he's on probation now and I will give him 1% credit for coming back to take the heat AND do it for $0 unless he lands a KO? Don't get emails like this everyday at Rough N' Rowdy...

"Since last time some people from barstool claimed I “robbed” them when in reality there’s been a lot worse fights to take place and I had a injury. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I will deliver the most craziest outta control moment to ever grace RNR history( Fight and pre fight) or I won’t accept a dime. Here is the money I am requesting. There’s zero wiggle room. 

Win by decision= Zero dollars

loss= Zero dollars

KO/TKO= $7500.00.   

If I don’t knock him out I refuse to accept any money. I am the most hated fighter and most sought fighter at the same time. 75% of people want to see me lose and the other 25% of people want to see me win. I will guarantee if I win by KO your videos will get 3-25 million views within 48 hours. I have the most legendary and epic fight and post fight ever planned." -Big Dick Booty Daddy


Love him or hate him, Big Dick Booty Daddy is just an INCREDIBLE scumbag unlike we've ever seen. Putting (2-0-1) as his record is some elite level trolling and I imagine the Weigh-Ins on Thursday night are gonna need cops in riot gear standing by for whatever trash talk he has planned.

Matchup wise it's a pretty fair brawl and really could go either way. Out of their 5 collective fights these guys have 3 KO's combined so fireworks could be coming… And let's hope they do for Irish Dave McGregor. With a win at RNR20 he may just enter title belt territory in his next matchup too. 

Speaking of which we have 3 title belt fights coming this Friday night:

Vicky D vs Cherry Bomb for the Women's Title

Lights Out Laing vs Make It Happen for the Light Heavyweight Title

American Redneck vs Appalachian Assassin for the Super Heavyweight Title

All absolute barn burners and the rest of the card is The Abel Brothers, Diamond Hands, Hot Wheelz, plus (0-0) locals from West Virginia ready to throw haymakers for 3 minutes, or less. Order on for 20 fights, 5 main events, ring girl contest and more with 48 hour replay on all orders.