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Being In A Committed Relationship And Having A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex Can Lead To Some Awkward Situations

We’re recording in the afternoon so it’s a little silly at the start!!! Like yes our hands are either veryyyyy dry or incredibly moist? And who has a clean hotel room? 

Then, to start *the serious* stuff we talk about finding where you’re happiest and if location matters. How taking risks is important to show you what you love. And, do you work to live or live to work? Then, It’s marriage (and relationship) counseling day!! Jordyn asks Alex and Alanna everything from being friends with an ex, who pays for what, if you can talk about your significant others family to them… and so much more. Then we’re joined by Dr. Orna Guralnik at the end for a very insightful relationship session. Enjoy! We love you.