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Milan Lucic Is Still The King Of The Castle, Drops Kurtis MacDermid In A Heavyweight Tilt

A lot has changed in the sport of hockey over the past 15 years. The game has gotten faster. The superstars have gotten younger. The Thrashers were in Atlanta. 

But the one thing that has remained constant? Well you probably don't want to find your skull on the receiving end of Milan Lucic's fists. 

Kurtis MacDermid is one of the toughest bastards in the game. 25 career NHL fights to his name and rarely is he ever one the wrong side of them. 

But last night 34-year-old Milan Lucic had to remind him the hard way that he's still the king of the castle. What a tilt and what a finish. Honestly what a career. Obviously the past few years haven't been all that great for Looch. But he has over 1000 games played, over 500 points scored, a Stanley Cup Champion. And he can still beat the brakes off of another human if he needs to. There are only a handful of power forwards in NHL history who can stack up with that. 

P.S. -- Another great scrap from last night. 

Pezzetta knew those gloves were coming off the moment he lined up that hit.