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The Sports World Needs Another "Don't Be A Loser" Anthem

Sports was about winning! No matter the amount of undeserved trophies, awards or accolades that are being given out in 2023, it was created to be about winning. Somewhere along the line of history, it shifted. Everything became "friendly". The sports world became less about achieving the highest form of victory and more about making sure everyone gets to celebrate with the victor. 

Welp if you ask me (and I'm pretty sure you didn't) I think its basura (flexing my Rosetta Stone subscription) garbage. When Queen dropped "We Are The Champions", it was a shot at all of those who couldn't win. Who couldn't get over the hump. It was a song that every single competitor wether it be a Spelling Bee champ, a bean bag tosser, or lawyer whom had just won their client a ridiculous settlement. It was song for the winner! 

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"I paid my dues, time after time. I've done my sentence but committed no crime". The start of the song literally explains why a winner deserves to gloat, to brag, to celebrate themselves for the time and commitment that they have put in over the course of time to hoist whatever trophy there is in their field. My question is this. Where is the "you're a loser" anthem in this generation? There is none! Every "sports anthem" is accompanied by a tiktok dance or is a club song (which by the way trick daddy's can't F*&^ with the south is the best crunk song in history) that everybody can relate to, even the loser.

This generation has no song that the loser can't, won't or is embarrassed to sing along to. Theres no song that makes a loser not want to be a loser anymore like "We Are The Champions". I watched the last few sports champions celebrate and not once was this song dubbed on a video, danced to, or encouraged after the victors prevailed. I try to be a positive as Ned Flanders but even in my positivity I want to be pushed to do better, work harder because Ive never wanted to be the loser that queen was talking about (although according to some Barstool fans I may be just that lol).

I want to challenge this generation of music creators to come up with something that makes winning feel good and celebrated again. Where those whom can't hold up the trophy will feel it in their bones. Where the loser feels like they lost. Even while writing this blog Ive had to type and erase on numerous occasions because I didn't want to rub anyone who may have lost the wrong way. Well from the bottom of my heart, I do wish we all could be winners or at least on the winning team but we can't and we won't. So with that being said, where is this generations "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS"?

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