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BREAKING: Jayson Tatum Currently Owns The Philadelphia 76ers

David Dow. Getty Images.


I'm in such a shock as I write this to the point where I'm not totally sure what just happened. My hands are shaking in a way that I've already had to retype this sentence like four times. Holy fucking shit is really all I keep saying to myself because what an ending. From down 9 to up 7 to down 15 to up 13 to tied to Jayson Tatum burying the Sixers for the billionth time in his career only for there to be a split second where I was convinced Joel Embiid's heave counted

For anyone who doesn't watch the Celts every night, they give up the most buzzer beating plays on the planet. Nobody does it like they do, and that's why every single Celts fan for a split second thought that shit counted. To see it was beyond late was such a relief I don't even know how to put it into words. Fuck the Process as far as I'm concerned. Even with a 35-12 FTA advantage and Joel Embiid taking more FTs than the entire Celts roster, they still couldn't win because at the end of the day Jayson Tatum exists. Guy was horrific all night and yet he came through when it mattered most. Two big time 3s down the stretch in the fourth quarter, huge ending for a brutal night.

This has to be so deflating as a Sixers fan. This is basically the best you could play. Embiid went nuts, Tobias Harris couldn't miss, and you had a billion FTs. Instead, the Celts now won the season series, sit at 3-0 and now improve to an NBA best 20-10 on the road. What's crazy is the two best guards on the night didn't even close! That's how deep this Celts team is. It makes no sense now that we can finally see everyone healthy.

More importantly, this win keeps pace with the streaking Bucks. Every game during this stretch run matters, and now the Celts are 4 up over PHI. Huge win no matter how you slice it that came via a huge shot. 

We'll regroup in the morning. For now, we celebrate. Love and Trust.