This Knockout Was Violent As Fuck (Plus Breaking News)

Holy fuck, Trevor Peek - way to make your debut in the UFC!

This dude Trevor Peek has been living out his dream as a UFC fighter all week - so much so that he was geeking out that his name would be on ESPN and couldn't believe he was in the octagon with Bruce Buffer - and after this knockout, I think his year is made. He sounded so happy and grateful in his post-fight interview you just couldn't help but feel good for the guy.

Peek's ultra-humble personality couldn't possibly be more opposite from his fighting style, however, because he went in there and swung pretty fuckin recklessly with VICIOUS intent. I mean, did you SEE that finishing sequence?! He threw as many standing hammerfists as I've ever seen! He was fighting like a barbarian in there and it was awesome! 

Poor Erick Gonzalez, though, huh? He's not a bad fighter, but he's just ran into buzzsaw after buzzsaw in his UFC tenure (Jim Miller on short notice, Terrance McKinney, and now Trevor Peek). That's a tough one-two-three to start a career against. 


BREAKING NEWS: As I was writing this blog, it just got announced that tonight's main event is officially cancelled. Nikita Krylov has come down with an illness that he cannot shake and now his fight with Ryan Spann is off.

On one hand - what can you do? Guy got sick. On the other hand - Andre Muniz vs Brendan Allen as a main event? P-U. No disrespect.

Rone's return to Battle Rap is the evening's real main event….

P.S. Trevor Peek may have a more square/block head than Smitty - also no disrespect.