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Arizona State Beat #7 Arizona With An Unbelievable Half Court Shot At The Buzzer

Holy shit this is just foreshadowing for March Madness. A rivalry game on the road and that is how it ends!? I don't get how you can't like this sport, every single game today has been fucking insane. 

The question I was thinking what is the best walkoff in all of sports. I think a walkoff homerun is the best but a buzzer beater in basketball is a close second. A last second field goal doesn't do much for me but I don't give a shit about Arizona State and that got me fired the fuck up. 

College basketball is one of the best sports to watch and the NCAA Tournament this year might be the best there is in a long time. Especially with it not having a clear cut favorite this year. It's the best to start taking long shots. 

P.S. Alabama is complete scumbags and don't take them for a future because they will lose in the 2nd round this year.