A UFC Fighter Just Bit His Opponent In The First Fight Of The Night

UPDATE: All of the videos of this have been scrubbed. I'm looking for a mirror right now.

I can't believe I just typed out the words written in that headline, but it's true. It's damn true.

Nurullo Aliev fucking BIT Rafael Alves in the first fight of the night at the UFC Apex just now. 

Aliev was on top, as you can see in the clips above, and very obviously bites the fingers of Alves once his hands approached the mouth of Aliev. We don't have the best camera angle of it, but c'mon - he barely tried to hide it! Plus, you can't fake that "What the fuck?" look on the face of Alves once he gets bit. He couldn't believe it.

Referee Mark Smith stopped the action immediately, confirmed the bite marks on Alves' fingers, and deducted a point from Aliev. 

Honestly - I didn't know what the 'biting' protocol would be, and was a little surprised it wasn't an immediate DQ, but I guess it's not like he went full Tyson/Holyfield and chomped off a hunk of his opponent or even broke skin. Just gave him a little nibble and said Alves shouldn't have put his fingers in his mouth in the first place. 

I hadn't really thought about it from his side, and if Alves DID really put his fingers in Aliev's mouth…it makes this chompin a little more understandable, doesn't it? 

I mean - that's gross! Don't put your fingers in my mouth, you know? Keep your fingers outta peoples mouths and you won't get bit! At the same time, we don't actually know if that's the truth and he might've just gone rogue and munched down on fingers the second he saw em. The whole situation is just fucked.

Anyway, the point deduction didn't even matter, because Aliev dominated the rest of the fight and won via unanimous decision. He had an insane amount of people supporting him back in his home country of Tajikistan as well….

P.S. I could have sworn Charlie Bit Me was being taken off the internet so it could be sold as an NFT, but I just YouTube'd it, and it's still there. So enjoy an OG great….