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Iowa Stuns Michigan St In Overtime After Being Down 13 With 1:34 Left In The College Basketball Game Of The Year

This is rule #372383289239 why you always wait until the latest possible second to shut off a game you think is over. Iowa was down 13 points with 1:34 to play, down 10 with 40 seconds, and it looked like things were over. If you were looking to change the channel to a different game I couldn't have blamed you. Iowa was dead! DEAD! Until they weren't!


You might be asking how the hell Iowa was motivated for this comeback ... Credit to Fran McCaffery the mastermind ... his team needed motivation and he went and did it. 

Always thought Fran got a bad rap of a guy with a temper. He can laugh it up with the boys when he wants … 

The flurry at the end of the half clearly inspired Iowa as they came out in overtime on fire. Kris Murray was phenomonal getting buckets they needed.

Iowa would go on to win by 6 points. Now you may be asking ."OMG WHAT WAIT DID THIS AFFECT THE SPREAD? " And I salute you becuase this clearly isn't your first time watching absolutely hilariously insane college basketball because of course it affected the spread! 

A perfectly insane ending to what I would say was the game of the year. Spread drama, miracle threes, points, staredowns etc. This game had everything. 

In fact if you watched it start to finish like I did, late in the first half, ESPN mics picked up an Iowa fan laying into Michigan State's Malik Hall. 

Usually the only time I pick up fans on a broadcast is if there's a really good student section chant, or the entire arena is chanting in unison. The mics on a TV broadcast have done a pretty good job of eliminating the one fan from being picked up on a mic. That's likely for good reason. Can you imagine some of the stuff we would hear from fans on calls, or directed at players if the mics picked up everything? FCC violations up the wazoo. 

Well we still don't pick up everything, but we did get a glimpse into the vocabulary of one Iowa fan today who yelled "You gonna bitch about that one Hall?” to Michigan State's Malik Hall. It was so clearly picked up on the mic that Kevin Brown and Robbie Hummel could do nothing but make light of the situation and laugh it off joking about the quality of the mics. 

Again … this was in every way shape and form the game of the year in college basketball . 


Final thoughts … I’m just glad everyone with more than 1 TV was able to watch this one, imagine missing this game?