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The XFL Will Play Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere And They Really Mean Anywhere

XFL. Getty Images.

If you've been keeping up with the XFL, and I'm sure you have, you know that the Vegas Vipers play their first home game of the season tonight. Last week, Vegas lost a close one to Arlington where they played in the old Texas Rangers ballpark, now called Choctaw Stadium. This week, Vegas will be playing at Cashman Field, a somewhat smaller baseball park.

Cashman Field, former home of the MiLB Las Vegas 51s, was originally built as a baseball stadium, but in 2019 was converted into a soccer stadium for the Vegas Lights, a soccer team in the USL Championship league. Now, you're probably thinking "Is this really the best they could do?" and the answer is yes. 

Ethan Miller. Getty Images.

When UNLV signed on to play their games at Allegiant Stadium, they signed a no compete clause that permanently closed Sam Boyd Stadium, home of the original XFL Las Vegas Outlaws, so that was not an option. The owner of the Las Vegas Aviators (formerly 51's) was approached to use his ballpark, but he turned down the idea. And of course, Allegiant Stadium is too big of a venue. The XFL was determined to have a team play their home games in Vegas. There were rumors that if Cashman Field didn't work out, the Vipers would be playing at a Vegas high school.

We are starting to get glimpses of the converted field. They event brought in a robot to make sure the lines are perfect.

That is not a lot of room to work with behind the endzone, but it looks like they have added padding to the wall, so that should help. Guys playing indoor football run into padded walls every play and they are alright, so this is fine. They'll be fine.

Listen, are guys going to run into the wall? Maybe. Will they get injured? Probably. Will it be worth it? That depends on the league's insurance policy.

Some people will see this field and think the XFL shouldn't be included as one of the top 3 U.S. based American football leagues, but not Duggs. I see this and think these boys want to play football against anybody, anytime, and truly anywhere. This is the XFL!

Jeff Brohm knows what I'm talking about!