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Did Tyga Just Steal Avril Lavigne from Mod Sun?

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ICYMI: Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun got engaged about a year ago in Paris. 

All seemed peachy between the couple up until this week when someone close to them decided to pay TMZ a visit and say they've been having issues lately and are no longer a couple. Avril's reps confirmed the split to Page Six, but this is where it starts to get strange.

Mod's rep fired back to People, "They were together and engaged as of three days ago when he left for tour so if anything has changed that’s news to him. Mod will be performing tonight in Portland at The Hawthorne Theater."

Nice plug. Guess that's the least you can do if you just got blindsided with a breakup.

Enter: Tyga. 

The two have been seen hanging out in groups lately. They were most recently were spotted getting cozy as they left dinner together on Sunday night (given, they also did this in a group setting).

The two hugged as if to say goodbye when they left dinner… Only to leave in the same car.


Are they dating or just suddenly really good friends? Did Tyga swoop in and steal Avril from Mod Sun slowly over time?

Who knows. Either way, this pairing was definitely not on my bingo card for 2023.

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office here: