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Top 5 Ring Girl Moments In Boxing History

Top 5 Ring Girl Moments was the countdown pick for REF N' ROBBIE this week and it was one of the hardest lists we've ever had to come up with. There very well might be more chapters added to this Top 5 because there's roughly an infinite amount of moments to chose from, should we do a fan vote on our Instagram next time? 

You won't get the full list off that Twitter clip though you gotta watch on the Rough N' Rowdy YouTube for the entire episode. As Large & Robbie talk about there, we even have Women's Champions dominating as ring girls. A few of them will be back for RNR20 including CHERRY BOMB, HOT WHEELZ, THE BEAST from RNR18, MIMI THE HUSTLER from RNR14, and more. 

Check out REF N' Robbie Episode 2 below and head to BuyRNR.com to order RNR20 for 20 brawls, 5 main events, ring girl contest hosted by Jerry Fragrance & Large, whole commentary team back plus plenty of chaos