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Lets Remember Jake Paul Is A Good Boxer And His Fight Today With Tommy Fury Will Be Over Early

Large invited to me interview Tommy Fury last week and it was cool to be involved because I am so interested in this shit. A lot of people just like to shit on Jake Paul and say that he can't be a good boxer because he was a YouTuber, but let me lay some things out for you about "professional boxers". 

Your jaw will drop when I tell you the combined record of the fighters that Tommy Fury Has faced. I took 5 of the 8 fighters he has faced and they are 23-168-2. And one guy's record is 10-102. Seriously. After the 50th loss maybe he should have wrapped it up but I respect him for losing another 52 times after that. Tommy Fury has had one challenging fight in his 8 fights but just because he went the conventional way and is a "professional" means absolutely nothing. 

Yes, Jake Paul has fought non-boxers and people that were old and washed, but Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley are way better opponents and way tougher than anyone Tommy Fury has fought. Jake still is fighting legendary MMA fighters and to be honest I think this will get him the most respect and shut up the haters even though I think it will be his easiest fight. 

This will be by far the hardest fight for Tommy and I just don't think he has KO power for Jake. If this goes to decision I will be stunned but to be honest I don't think this will be close.