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No Team Hustles And Grinds Quite Like The Philadelphia 76ers Men's Professional Basketball Team

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

If there's one thing we've always said about this Sixers team, it's that they are going to give you maximum effort for 60+ minutes every single night. They have drive, they have determination, and they have an insatiable desire to win basketball games. Doesn't matter if it's regular season, playoffs, preseason, you name it. If you roll the ball out onto the court and throw another team out there against the Sixers, they are going to do everything in their power to destroy that team. We've always said this. 

Down by 4 with a minute and a half to go? Well as the Sixers always say, "we shall never surrender" - Winston Churchill". 

Headband Harden? Dawg. Always coming up big when the moment is at its biggest. You need James Harden to step up and deliver, he's going to do it every single time. We've always said this. 

Joel Embiid? Dawg. And sure, some aspects of this blog are intended to be tongue in cheek. But the only thing going on here was foot in ass. More specifically, Joel's foot up Ja Morant's candy ass. 

Tobias Harris and James Harden and Joel Embiid? Well ass the late great philosopher Baha Men once said, "who let the DAWGS out? Who, who, who, who, who?"

What an incredible sequence of basketball. What a display of effort and execution. The frustrating part here is that this Sixers team is clearly capable of playing like that every night. It's just that they get into this funny little habit of deciding certain nights aren't worth their time. They can turn it on at any moment like they did in the 2nd half last night. But sometimes you actually end up saving energy if you just keep the power turned on instead of constantly turning it off and on again. Then you get into the 2nd round of the playoffs and your electric bill is astronomically high. You can't pay it and PECO comes to shut your power off. No good! 

But in the meantime…the Sixers are good and that final 90 seconds was awesome. We'll cross that playoff bridge when we get there. 

P.S. -- Happy for Ja that he finally found a jumping partner.