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Connor McDavid's Short-Side Goal And Freaky Deke Penalty Shot Are Further Proof He's Not Of This Realm

What do you even do here? It's hard enough to prevent Connor McDavid from generating quality scoring chances because, well, he's the best hockey player on the planet and is often flanked by another world-class star in Leon Draisaitl. The looks at the net that dynamic duo can generate are second to none.

But this is McDavid freestyling solo and fucking around with the Penguins. No matter who was between the pipes for Thursday's 7-2 Oilers rout, they would've been hard-pressed to stop either of these insane moves by McJesus.

That nickname is fitting because it's pretty clear McDavid is from a higher plane of existence, a gift from the hockey gods who recognize the puck and ice need to be a more prominent part of American sports culture. If McDavid keeps doing shit like this, it'll be impossible to ignore after a while. 

Like...that angle that he scores from the short side? There is no angle. No one should be able to shoot from behind the goal line and roof it like that. Again, McDavid transcends the mundane and does things that aren't supposed to be done. I've never seen a snap shot from that unfavorable of a position with that type of precise placement to where the goalie absolutely has zero chance.

With Edmonton pouring it on and running up the score, you can't blame Pittsburgh for resorting to illegal tactics to try to stop them. only that's what led to the penalty shot scenario. McDavid enthusiastically used that as another highlight-reel opportunity by undressing on a series of stupid-nasty stickhandles and a gross deke right by the crease to notch the Oilers' final goal of the evening.

Little else to add here because little more needs to be said. Please watch Connor McDavid whenever you get the chance. We are being blessed with true greatness and a superstar who's so skilled that we're running out of adjectives and scoring achievements to document McDavid's continual ascent toward becoming one of the biggest legends in NHL history.