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Max Homa Declared That Golf Is Not A Sport

I actually love this answer by Max, but this is guy who is talking to two NFL guys while answering the questions. Golf is 100% a sport but isn't as grueling as the four major sports. You can put a basketball player on the football field and they could be alright or below average. But if you put most athletes on a golf course, they will shoot a 150. If you think tennis is a sport then golf is 100% a sport. Just because you don't have any teammates doesn't mean anything to me if anything it makes it more impressive. You have nobody to rely on when you are going through things personally or when you suck. Aaron Judge can go 0-5 with 5 strikeouts and the Yankees can still win. If Max Homa has 5 bogeys, he will be getting paid 0 dollars. 

I also think it is more stressful because you have to perform well every tournament just to get paid. Bryce Harper can never get a hit again and he will still be getting paid. If Homa starts to really suck, they won't even let him be on tour anymore. I have started to watch golf every weekend now and it is so hard to be at the top. I think that's why Homa is so good. Because he looks at golf in a positive way and has fun with it. If you actually care if it is a sport or not, you are just a hardo. 

If they start using carts to get around the course, I think we can come back to this conversation and say that golf is not a sport. Even when I play, my body is in shambles the next day because I used muscles that I didn't even know existed.  If I had to choose, I think baseball and golf are the two hardest sports to be elite at. Baseball is the hardest by far and it;s not even close. But I think golf is 2nd. Lets give some golfers some credit and shout out to the Boys for another great interview.