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Joe Montana Used To Call His Wife From The Sideline During Games Just To Tell Her He Loved Her

This is just beautiful. I am still on the side of Joe Montana being an average quarterback but I love this move. Joe explains that he just wanted to see if the phone on the sidelines will make outgoing calls and not just to the offensive coordinator. Can you imagine watching your husband in the NFL get a call and it being him just on the sidelines?

I would be calling my family, I would order a pizza to the opponents locker room and just fuck around the entire time. That would keep me not thinking about the game at all and keep it loose. I would actually like to call my boys and argue about aliens are sone stupid shit. 

These QBs today are too tight getting yelled at by the coordinators. We need them making leisure calls. The NFL should have professional therapist or somebody calming on the line at all times if you just need to talk to someone about something. Like dial 9 if you are just getting upset or dial 8 if you just want to shoot the shit with the boys. This is why I need to be a NFL head coach, My coordinators will be calling the plays being smart. NFL players are so talented I don't need to actually coach them. I just need to put plans into place to make them happy during the game.