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Red Sox First Baseman Triston Casas Reportedly Bothered Some Veterans Last Year Because He Was Sunbathing And Napping In The Outfield Before Games

We all know baseball players are weirdos. They're creatures of habit. They all have their own superstitions and things they like to do before games to make them feel comfortable. Some guys wear the same underwear, park in the same spot, take the same route to work....and others sunbathe in the outfield. 

Triston Casas got called up last season, played in 27 games for the last place Sox, and apparently got under the skin of some of the veterans with his pregame routine. According to Chris Cotillo, Casas "ruffled feathers" on the Sox veterans when they saw him sunbathing and napping in the outfield before games.

"Two hours before his major league debut last September, Triston Casas sunbathed shirtless in the right field grass at Fenway Park. It was part of a unique, regimented routine he had developed in 2019 and carried through every step of the minors. Changing things up just because he was in the majors wasn’t an option.

Out of earshot of Casas, a veteran Red Sox pitcher walked out of the dugout, saw the scene in right field and bristled. To no one in particular, he made his feelings known. “Are you (expletive) kidding me?” the pitcher asked.

Throughout September, veteran players took issue with Casas’ pregame routine, which included pregame naps in the clubhouse in addition to the sunbathing. Those veterans, on numerous occasions, voiced their displeasure. There were, in Casas’ words, “clashes” about how he should act. Looking back, the 23-year-old is glad some older players put him in his 

I'm not sure if he was around the ball club at the time but I'd put my money on Chris Sale being that veteran pitcher. That guy seems like someone who would not want a teammate napping and sunbathing in the outfield. Is it a weird move? Sure. Is it the worst thing in the world? Nope. Worse than eating beer and chicken in the clubhouse during the game? Certainly not. He isn't hurting anyone, let the man get some sun! Casas does seem like a guy who marches to the beat of his own drum and I love that, let the man live. 

He has said he's going to paint his nails this season, and who cares? He is who he is, napping and sunbathing isn't going to hurt anyone. I also think the Red Sox clubhouse had bigger issues to worry about last year. Maybe worry about your awful pitching instead of what a rookie is doing pregame. I do agree with him saying he was happy they talked about it within because that shows they cared, but you gotta think him up at first. 

He's going to be fine in the long run, and maybe it made his teammates like or accept him more. Who knows. If they don't want him to do a routine he's done since he was in the minors, I'm sure he'll do what makes his team happy. But if I was those guys in the clubhouse I wouldn't give a shit what he was doing if they were winning and producing. Leave the man alone and let him get his tan on. It is kind of wild to think several millionaires had to talk about what to tell their younger co-worker about getting a tan before a game.

PS. I wish Marty Cordova would have done this instead of falling asleep in that tanning bed.