CeeDee Lamb Got A Massive Kobe Bryant Tattoo, Begging The Question: Which Athletes Are Worth Getting Tattooed On Your Body?

TMZ Sports- CeeDee Lamb is heading into the 2023 season with a new look ... TMZ Sports has learned the Cowboys star just got a massive back tattoo featuring an image of Kobe Bryant -- and it's incredible.

The 23-year-old Dallas receiver went to artist Andres Ortega out at Onder Ink in Arizona this week to get the piece done ... seeking work that covered everything on his backside from the top of his traps to the top of his glutes.

I have no tattoos and I never plan on getting one. I also get how once people get one, they seem to get more, and more. I also respect that tattoos can be very meaningful to some people. 

So when CeeDee Lamb decided to get a massive tattoo and "wanted things that symbolized the fight and will it took to make it from childhood to the NFL" , I find that to be an interesting glimpse into his life, his makeup and his story. If you were friends with him and saw the tattoo and he explained all the things on there that shaped him. I will never understand though why people would get a tattoo on a body part in a place they can't see (like their back) especially one that it so meaningful to them... but to each his own. 

The take here for me is what athletes are worth getting stamped permanently on your body. Now if you are a diehard fan of a team, anything is on the table. I'm sure there are fans who went out on a limb in a moment and got the most random flash in the pan hot moment player of their team tattooed on their body the minute they did anything good. Picture Jeremy Lin tattoos on Knick fans (which I'm sure there are). That's the kind of stuff fans do. It's what makes sports great. So if you are a diehard fan the answer to which athlete should get tattooed on their body the answers are endless. 


My question is more to the generic sports fan out there. If you walk up and said "I'm going to get a tattoo of an athlete" one day, which ones would people say ... well that makes sense. 

I feel the list is very short. 

Quickly, some requirements ... 

1- I do think doing an athlete who passed away makes sense 


1a- You can't get anyone tattooed on your body who is susceptible to be cancelled. Having dead athletes limits that chance of ending up with tattoo you will regret 

2- They should be really really good. Like exceptionally good. Like Hall of Fame good. 

3- They have to be cool. 

That's really it for me honestly. And weirdly I think there's two athletes in all of sports that people would say "Yep that was the right move, that's a good tattoo".

Here's my two answers ... 

 Michael Jordan .... and Ken Griffey Jr. 

And I actually think if you were going to get those tattoos you go with their brand logos and not the actual athlete. Everyone knows those symbols, there the fucking best. 

Alex Tai. Shutterstock Images.

Those are without a doubt the two best athlete tattoos to get, and I won't hear otherwise. 

Also …

Make sure you get them done well …