Aaron Rodgers Has Emerged From His Darkness Retreat, Which Took Place In A Partially Underground, Hobbit-like Structure In The Woods Of Oregon

Aaron Rodgers has officially emerged from his darkness retreat in Oregon. I cannot stop laughing at PFF's graphic above. What a preposterous, backwards world we're living in where that's a completely 100% dead serious report. A few videos have surfaced online of his actual emergence. You be the judge. 

So now what? Well, unless Schefter or Rap attempt to leak a rumor we're not gonna hear much until Rodgers goes on Pat's show next Tuesday. We're a few days shy of being two months away from the NFL Draft. It's time we know the deal and move on. You got these various reports ranging from Bob McGinn (not a serious source) to Tom Silverstein (legit) that claim the Packers front office are #done with Aaron and are moving on. None of that shit matters if Rodgers comes back into the light and decides he wants to stay. It that's the case he's going to likely redo his deal to allow the team to bring in help. In all likelihood Rodgers requests a trade and begins to actively work on that hopefully in the immediate. Either way, let's get the show on the road for everyone's sake. 

The big news today is that we got a look into what the darkness retreat actually looks like. 

Now if there's one thing you have to nail as the creator of a darkness retreat it's the door. I need that door to resemble a gateway to another realm. That entry point has to convince me I'm leaving Earth and embarking on a journey where everything I know is going to flip on its head. I think they nailed it here. 


If you're taking a walk in the woods and stumble upon that door you starting running in another direction. There's some crazy shit going on beyond that door that's not meant for you. 

Tip of the cap to this dude Scott Berman, who owns Sky Cave Retreats. How he convinced enough people to essentially stick them in solitary confinement in the woods with fairly ordinary furniture is beyond me. 

At Sky Cave, the entire experience is mostly self-guided. There is no hard-and-fast rule that guests must remain in the dark at all times. Everyone is invited to walk in the woods if the need arises, turn on the lights if the feeling is too much, or just leave. The door remains unlocked and ready to open.

Berman checks on his guests once a day, more if needed, and offers short contemplative prompts. Those visits happen in the evenings when he delivers a day's worth of meals through a two-way wooden door. It's the only time guests get a sense of time of day or that 24 hours have passed.

These rooms are booked up for the next year and a half and have hundreds on a wait list!

The retreat has three dark rooms and is booked for the next 18 months, Berman said, with a waitlist in the hundreds. Seven more rooms are planned to help accommodate the demand.

What a great gig running this place has to be. Well done. 

As for Rodgers, here's to hoping he actually found some clarity in the darkness. While it's obviously out of the box to do this, I'm not gonna knock a guy trying to get some peace and quiet to make a big decision. As a Packers fan I just want to know what direction the team is headed in 2023. Am I about to endure another year of crazy with 12 or is it time to hop into a new era on the Love Boat? Just give me an answer!