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Top 5 Knockouts In Boxing HISTORY

We're looking to add to this list NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT at Rough N' Rowdy 20 on BuyRNR.com

It's gonna be an old school type of fight card with us going back to Charleston, WV and aside from a few returning brawlers for title fights + some notable featured fighters, the majority of the card is all (0-0) locals from the holler. 

The full fight card order will be released on Friday and there's 2 more REF N' ROBBIE episodes coming every Thursday to get you fully up to speed on what to expect before March 3rd. Catch up on their 1st episode below with the Top 5 KO's + Large trying to ref a screaming match between BIG DICK BOOTY DADDY vs IRISH DAVE PORTNOY... 

(ICYMI: Irish Dave called out Booty Daddy to fight before RNR19 but it couldn't happen because he was still banned by the boxing commission. Now it's back on and Irish Dave wants to pulverize that piece of shit to get JUSTICE for RNR and Booty Daddy said he will accept $0 to show up and only get paid if he gets a KO)

Order RNR20 on BuyRNR.com for 20 fights, 5 main events, ring girl contest and whole commentary team back.. 48 hour replay with all orders