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This Trash Florida Fan Who Tried To Put Cason Wallace In A Chokehold Is The Ultimate Dickhead And My New Personal Enemy

What the fuck is this? Oh you kicked the guy out? Cool. Big fucking deal. How about the fact it led to a 5 on 4 and an and-1 for Florida? Where are those three free points coming back from? If we can just blatantly hold opposing players and try to put them in a chokehold, then UK needs to put me in the front row. I'll sacrifice going back to Rupp for a year for a game-winning play. Anything for the team. 

But this is my team. This is my team scratching and fighting for a win on the road and firmly get off the bubble. I can't have my most talented player getting assaulted by fans. Trash ass Florida fans, can always expect something from those idiots. 

Even more concerning is the fact people (morons) are trying to say this was an accident. Oh yeah, just staring at him, arm out for no reason while standing court side. Or the other guy, who Wallace didn't fall on, grabbing his hips. Trash. Let the boys play on the court. This? This is bullshit and I won't stand for it.