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Voice Of A Generation: High School Kid Delivers An All-Time Call At A Basketball Game After Finding Out The School Is Having A Snow Day

What a moment all around. This immediately becomes a top-1 day for the students and the kid making the call. Make no bones about it. This is Gus Johnson-level. This is Kevin Harlan calling a streaker on the field. This kid screaming about Dr. Lynch giving a snow day is the voice of Michigan now. He's the voice of a generation. Kids at this school will be talking about this day for their entire lives.

You know why?

Because they have the night to celebrate.

Don't get me wrong. I miss the days of living and going to school in the 90s. The thrill of running to the family room, flipping on a local channel and staring at the bottom line. Seeing where it was in the alphabet and doing the quick list in your head of other schools before it got to yours. You just wanted to see that magical word


Bam. Free day. But here's the thing. You still had to wake up early. You still had to go back to bed and deal with everything in the morning. Announcing it the night before? That's the ultimate hell yes moment. You can get together with the boys and plan stuff that night. You can figure out plans for the night and following day. No more spur of the moments calling people and hoping dads didn't answer the phone. 


On the anniversary of 'Do you believe in miracles?', it's only fitting. This is a perfect call. I'm also only like 60% sure that's not Jake Marsh. That sounds like Jake Marsh. Shout out Aiden Lynch though, who is the kid on the call. Nailed the woo. 

PS: Shout out 25-year old Sloan (aka Claire, aka Emmanuelle Chriqui) in the movie Snow Day