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It's Perfectly Acceptable To Get Emotional When You Hear Tim Anderson Open Up About Jose Abreu

I dare you to listen to the above clip about Jose Abreu and not immediately tell me he's worth so much more than whatever the hell he's been paid in his career. And mind you, that career started with 10 years in the Cuban League - exactly one more season than his time with MLB. In other words he would be a slam dunk hall of famer should there have been different international relation standards at the turn of the century. 

Defection's not really my expertise, but I'm smart enough to know that Abreu is one hell of a ball player.  And the Astros are very lucky to get him and very much at a discount. There's a lot of positives to take away about Abreu in the longer conversation below. You get a strong sense in less than 20 seconds above. Enough where I feel like I could go to Jose with hitting advice and I frankly don't need it. See ball hit ball. But he'd talk me through my slot and pitch selection. I know it. 

On the negative side, pretty hard to be a White Sox fan and know they drafted Andrew Vaughn when literally the only thing they could count on was solid 1st base production at a reasonable cost. Then signing Yaz to take a lot of DH opportunities from an emerging right handed bat. My goodness. The rabbit hole and finger pointing can go as deep and long as you want. I would imagine WSD can take that and run with it. My personal sense is most Sox fans are happy Abreu will be contending for a championship. He deserves it. 

The current Sox group though is better off because Abreu though. Let's not pretend otherwise. He influenced and lead his teammates for nearly a decade. Like how the Cubs... nevermind. I'm not going down that path. 

Part 2 will be out later today. We get more into his reluctance to open up, why he likes doing cool shit on the field and why throwing his bat has bigger meaning than you'd be willing to admit. That too will only be on the Barstool Baseball YouTube page

You can watch/listen to full part 1 of the conversation here:

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