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The American Justice System Once Again Prevails! 50 Cent Receives Settlement From Defamation Suit He Filed Against The Shade Room, and a Plastic Surgeon Who Implied He Had Penis Enhancement Surgery

COMPLEX - A settlement has been reached between 50 Cent and the Shade Room in connection with a lawsuit focused on allegedly false penis enlargement claims.

As previously reported, 50 addressed the suit in question back in November when it was revealed that a July start date had been set for a trial in the case. “Yeah my dick is a BIG DEAL,” 50 said at the time.

Fans will recall that the crux of the case is a photo of 50 that was allegedly used by plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her company. Shortly after news of a trial start date started making the rounds, it was further reported that Kogan’s legal team had attempted to instead blame the Shade Room for having shared the photo, all while 50 argued this was a matter of right of publicity.

So here's the backstory, 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, aka Ferrari F-50, visited this medspa, ran by this Dr. Kogan in the picture up top, back in February of 2020. For a procedure, he won't disclose, BUT swears was NOT penis enlargement surgery.

According to the lawsuit Fifty filed, he says he took a pic with Dr. Kogan because he thought she was a fan ... and he says ever since, Kogan and her companies have used the photo to pimp their products.

50 Cent claims things started off with Kogan and her company using the photo on social media to promote the plastic surgery clinics she owns. Which he says he was fine with. But he claims "everything took a disturbing turn" in August, when website "The Shade Room" did a story with Kogan about the rise in male sexual enhancement procedures and used the same pic.


50 also claims the image pops up any time the article is posted or shared online. 

So you can see where he would be pissed off about things…

Basically, this story is exactly like the time Jewel Osco got sued by Michael Jordan for using his picture in a Sunday Mailer ad without his authorization.

Except that instead of selling groceries, we're talking about selling dick upgrades.

Otherwise, same thing. And Jordan also settled because MJ don't play that. Even with stores he was mighty friendly with, like Dominicks/Jewel.

(sidebar- this story is fucking nuts. Michael Jordan used to shop for his own groceries. He had an agreement with Dominicks/Jewel where he'd call them up right before they closed, and they would kick everyone out at closing time, and stay open an extra 15-20 minutes for him to do his shopping in peace. Let that one sink in. Michael Jordan used to do his own grocery shopping. MICHAEL JORDAN! I don't think there is a pro athlete alive today that you would ever catch dead in a grocery store. Unreal.)

Everything said and done, what a brutal situation to be caught in if you're 50 Cent. Where's there's smoke there's almost always fire. If people start seeing your face associated with hair restoration surgery, they're gonna assume that, yah, you might have hair now, but you have pubes on the top of your head now. If people see your face associated with penis reconstruction surgery, they're gonna assume you got one of those weird alien dicks the guys on Brazzers have with the giant shafts and the tiny heads. 

Giphy Images.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Now, as first reported by Los Angeles Magazine reporter Meghann Cuniff, the Shade Room aspect of the case has been settled. In court documents, it’s noted that 50 “has reached an agreement to settle” with the Shade Room. This development, notably, does not have any immediate impact on other defendants named in the case.

So 50 still has beef to settle with Dr. Kogan herself, as that case is still pending and not settled. She claims she's innocent and that The Shade Room ran that pic and the story without her knowledge that they would be. Guess we'll see how it shakes out. (Get it?)

Until then, (partial) justice has been served! Hate it or love the underdogs on top!

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