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"The Last Of Us" Had A Brutal Editing Mistake Air During Sunday's Episode And I May Have To Stop Watching The Show After Such An Egregious Oversight

What the fuck, HBO? How am I supposed to suspend reality on Sunday nights and imagine a world where tons of people around the world get infected which leads to death, chaos, and us realizing how much humanity can fucking suck if there are cameramen showing up in frame?

Fair point, John.

Nonetheless, I started watching "The Last Of Us" to escape reality for a bit and these cameraman shooting a barren post-apocalyptic Earth is just too much to bare and I must call it quits due to this obvious oversight. It took Game of Thrones until Season 8 when Senioritis had fully kicked in for Benioff & Weiss for that Starbucks cup to mistakenly appear in front of Dany T.

However if "The Last Of Us" is already mailing things in during HBO's big swinging dick time slot in Season 1, I have no choice to stop watching the show. To be clear, I'm quitting now because of that error in the corner of the screen that 99.9999999% didn't recognize for the fraction of a second of screentime it was on air and definitely not because this is how I feel EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Okay I was just being a bit facetious there since someone that writes at Barstool is the last one that should throw stones at someone making a mistake. In all honesty, I can't get even a little bit upset about any of this because I've seen just how hard the people filming, editing, directing, and all the other show biz words that end in "ING" work here to make professional idiots like us look good on screen. Everything about this show has been aces so far, which is why I can't wait for those sick bastards to rip my heart out of my chest by 10 PM ET every Sunday night because it hurts so good.

Speaking of which, Robbie and I have been breaking down every The Last Of Us episode on My Mom's Basement and plan on bumping up our release of each recap to Monday since the show has become an absolute smash hit right away. So subscribe to our YouTube to get the videos as soon as they drop along with us talking nerdy to you every week.