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Mexico's Former TOP SECURITY OFFICIAL GUILTY Of Cartel Bribery And Selling 58 Metric Tons Of Cocaine

This is a follow up to a blog I wrote several weeks ago on a trial that had been going on in federal court in New York City over the last couple weeks. 

Victory cigar time for the FEDS! Dope on the table moment!

“García Luna, who once stood at the pinnacle of law enforcement in Mexico, will now live the rest of his days having been revealed as a traitor to his country and to the honest members of law enforcement who risked their lives to dismantle drug cartels,” United States Attorney Breon Peace said. 

While they did a good job to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Garcia Luna is a traitor and all around scumbag who aided the most violent criminals on the planet to move weight, get the skinny on raids and protect their interests, let's again stop pretending like this will change anything. The interesting question is will Garcia Luna flip and implicate a president or two? That will be something to follow. It seems like Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current president hopes he will. Remember they are "rivals" of his : 

“I would say, as president of Mexico, for the good of the country, that hopefully he will do it,” López Obrador said, referring to a possible sentencing deal, “in exchange for informing about whether he received orders or gave information to the former presidents Fox and Calderon.” 

But in taking GGL off the streets it's like going to the beach, cupping a bunch of sand in your hand and this arrest would be a few sand crystals. 

My clear question in the next let's say twenty years is: Will this country draw a hard line in the sand and ever actually do anything that will end the failed War on Drugs?  Will they stop protecting the slugs that are selling and polluting this country? Probably not, because in the end it all comes to money and the truth is the drug war is a huge money grab all the way down to how the drug laws are policed in America to the street user. Plus we wouldn't want to be "soft on crime" as if we aren't already. It's a top down approach and everyone along the way in power is getting rich on this stuff. 

Also remember, it's abundantly well known in most circles that the CIA likely has assets as large scale drug cartel leaders. We have heard these stories time and time again and in the end, the "war" continues to ratchet up and get worse and worse. That's the thing, if it were actually making a subtle change or helping people, most people would give it it's flowers but its exponentially gotten worse and worse. 

I guess time will tell. But I won't hold my breath.