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Dom Capers Isn't Just Looking Good ... He's Looking GREAT With Perfect Hair

I'll just start with this because it's all I see on Twitter: 

Giphy Images.

Or this: 

We're just about a week removed from Jalen Rose saying this: 

I'm ready to toss all that out the window. I need to know the Dom Capers routine. Look at that bad boy on his head! It's perfect. That's exactly how a football coach should look if they have hair. I always say a bald guy is the best football coach look, but this is a close second. That man sits down at a barbershop asks for the regular and no questions asked walks away like this. 

The man is 72 years old, lived the life of a football coach and doesn't have one single grey hair on that head. Impeccable. Just goes to show you, there's no problem with ALLEGEDLY using some hair dye. If it makes me look like Dom Capers so be it. Then again, I just wish I had a full head of hair. Nothing like a fresh shaved head, but I miss having hair from time to time. Knowing I'll never look like that is a swift kick in the dick. 

I also have no clue what face he's making in that picture, but you couldn't ask for better timing. It's half prep school face, half disciplinarian trying to crack a joke. I love everything about it. Look good, feel good, coach good.