Watch Tim Anderson Explain Why I'm A Moron For Saying Hitting .300 Doesn't Matter

Tim doesn't do a lot of media. In fact I'm pretty sure he talks to nobody, which turns into a large part of our conversation. Listen to the full thing here.

We got introduced this offseason. One of my close friends runs his training facility. I got to follow around one of his workouts earlier this year and we got to talking after. The vibes were high. I offered to give an open platform to talk about anything he wanted. Given the last year, the market for shortstops, the White Sox public relationships generally and a bunch of personal reasons, it made a lot of sense to sit down and record a conversation. 

This is part 1. The next one comes out later this week. 

Part 1 introduces you to the batting champ. Why is he so quiet? What does he think of his critics? Why doesn't he hit for more power and play better defense? 

Honestly I'm so lucky to get to share this conversation. And Tim's so behind the new Barstool Baseball brand that he wanted to help me get the word out. As such you can only find the segment on our YouTube page here.

There's some monster takeaways in the process. His relationship with Jose Abreu and the hole it leaves. His blatant awareness that the White Sox just gave out the biggest deal in franchise history - 5 years and $75,000,000 to Andrew Benitendi. And more importantly, how that impacts his value. 

He doesn't hold back for a second. He let's me talk shit to him and answers all the criticisms. He addresses the personal side of being The Black Guy in MLB and what drives him to influence people. I hosted and worked on the conversation and even I have the chills now writing it back. In a world of shameless promotion, I will even more shamelessly attest that this is a Must Listen conversation for any legitimate sports fan. 

Things wrap once we get into the competitive side. We'll come back later this week with heavier shit. Media relations and public perceptions and exactly why it's so stupid to criticize his leadership. I don't even play with the guy and he's gone out of his way to help me. 

That's because good baseball guys look out for each other. 

Tim Anderson is a GREAT baseball guy. Subscribe to the page so you don't miss part 2.