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Woman's Husband Keeps Disappearing to Thailand and Wiring Money There Every Month, She Has No Idea What He's Up To

NY Post - It sounds like a bad dream. But for one woman it is the very sad reality of her marriage.

A 70-year-old woman has shared on UK television that her husband of almost 50 years “keeps disappearing” to Thailand and sending “hundreds of pounds there monthly”.

Speaking on a segment called Dear Deirdre phone-in on This Morning, the anonymous caller who went by the name ‘Julie’ said he leaves without telling her, and is tight-lipped about where the cash is going.

His response when she inquires where he is going is equally charming. “None of your business,” she says he retorts.

Could this woman be any more daft (British for dumb)? "My husband is disappearing to Thailand every week and sending somebody hundreds of pounds every month. What he could possibly be doing?" Umm… idk jeez lady, maybe broadening his horizons? Enjoying the cuisine? Minding his own fucking business?

Some people have aspirations greater than spending 7 days a week eating fish & chips at a UK pub made entirely of stone. Believe it or not, some men actually appreciate other cultures. There's more to life than watching replays of the Royal Wedding every day. Have you ever seen Bangkok at night? It's breathtaking.

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Have you never been to So Yi Pang, the Thailand Sky Lantern Festival? It's magical. I'm sure your 70-year-old husband would rather spend his remaining days watching beautiful lanterns fill the night sky, creating a memory that he'll take to his grave, as opposed to staying home while you cook him "Julie's famous" fish & chips for every meal.

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And would it kill you to thank you husband for choosing such a reasonably priced travel destination? In Thailand, you can have a world-class caliber vacation on a backpackers budget. 

"But he's sending somebody hundreds of pounds every month!"

First off, fuck you for making me type "pounds" so many times. Secondly, Thailand is a third-world country. Do you know how far 100 "pounds" will go? That's life changing quid for a Thai family. Your husband is likely pulling someone out of poverty. Your husband is providing somebody with months and months worth of food. But I'd imagine you'd rather him spend another 30 pounds on a shitty fish & chips dinner for 2, innit? Ma'am, your husband is a hero. 

But noooo, you're going to go on British TV and make a whole British fuss about it. "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, I'm a lonely old bloke." That's what you sound like. Some women…