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The Philadelphia Flyers Need To Be Punished To The Fullest Extent Of The Law For Robbing Us Of This Insane McDavid Highlight

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

There's truly no purpose the Philadelphia Flyers serve in the year 2023. This is a team that isn't even close to being good enough to actually compete for a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But they're also not nearly bad enough to truly be in the mix for a top 5 lottery pick in the draft. This is a team that exists in the no man's land of mediocrity. And aside from the occasional John Tortorella quote, they will accomplish nothing of significance this year. 

So the least they could do is just sit back and let Connor McDavid do whatever Connor McDavid stuff that Connor McDavid wishes to do. Shit like this, for example. 

First off--hilarious effort here from Hayes and Farabee. Looks like every beer league I've ever played in. Secondly, could you imagine how hard that roof would have blown off the building if McDavid was able to turn the corner on DeAngelo there and stuff it right under the bar and over Carter Hart's shoulder? My goodness gracious. It's almost impossible to crack the McNasty Top 5 Career Highlights at this point but I'm pretty certain that one would have done it. 

Which makes the fact that the Flyers robbed us of that goal so much more deplorable. We had a chance to see an all-time goal from an all-time player, and they ripped it straight out of our hands. The NHL needs to step in here and make them pay for their atrocities. Honestly the only punishment that I feel fits the crime is if the league takes away all of their wins. The Philadelphia Flyers should have to be sitting at 0-49-10 right now. If that puts them in last place with the highest odds of winning the 1st overall pick in the draft lottery, then so be it. But this team clearly doesn't deserve to have any wins right now, and it's up to Gary Bettman to carry out the sentence. 

Sidenote: He still managed to have 2 goals and an assist after this moment. Waited until the final 14 minutes to take the whole game over. Pretty courteous of him, actually.