Former Georgia Tech QB Jordan Yates Explained What It Was Like Facing The 2021 UGA Defense And It Doesn't Sound Like It Was Fun

Because Georgia just won a second consecutive national championship — much to the chagrin and detriment of all decent people throughout this country — it's easy to forget that the first of the two title teams had one of the nastiest defenses we've ever seen in college football history. The 2021 Bulldogs allowed just 10.2 points per game and had five first round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, with three more likely to be selected this year. It was an absolutely terrifying group.

Former Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates described what it was like for the 3-8 Yellow Jackets to line up across from that UGA defense, which is a cool perspective to get to hear. It doesn't sound like it was a great time, though.

Jalen Carter saying in a 45-0 game, "Y'all are so unprepared," is one of the best bits of trash talk I've ever heard. It's not even really trash talk, it's just a mean fact. Anybody can jaw after a good play in a tight game, but you have to have actual malice in your heart to look at a man getting his ass kicked and say something like that — which is what everybody should want in a defensive lineman.

Tech ended up being the third team shut out by UGA in 2021 en route to the Dawgs' first national title since 1980. That's when our national nightmare started and it has yet to end.