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Shakira Is Totally Fine And Not Overreacting To The Breakup As She's Dropping A Second Diss Track About Her Ex Pique

[Source] - The joint post revealed the song will come out on February 24 at midnight.

This confirms speculation that the women are both expected to diss their exes following Shakira’s revenge song last month against former partner Gerard Pique.

In the brutal new song, Shakira takes more swipes at Pique's new girlfriend Clara Chia, as the new song’s lyrics leaked overnight.

Shakira sings in Spanish: “You leaving to look for something to eat outdoors and me thinking it was the monotony.”

Okay, this might - *might* - be a little excessive. We already had the great diss track. 

She nailed the jokes and lines. She already allegedly put a curse on Spain. I don't know what else she can do. Now it just seems mean. Don't get me wrong, I'll still side with her because she's Shakira and I enjoy watching her music videos. Also she has jams. Hips Don't Lie is a great song. You know you like it. 

But you can't have TWO diss tracks. Not this close to each other. This isn't how you win the breakup. I know he cheated on you and left you for a 22-year old. But, come on, you're Shakira. Just publicly go on some dates, get caught holding hands or some shit. You know he's still an ex. He'll still not want to see it. 

I don't even know what else you can say in a diss track? That one line that was leaked is fairly weak compared to what she already said. Either stop the diss tracks or go even more in. You need to drop every little detail about what makes Pique awful. Can't keep going on about him leaving you for someone else. 

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