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AJ Brown Was Able To Give The Eagles Defense The Entire Titans Playbook This Year After They Didn't Change A Single Play Call

Scott Taetsch. Getty Images.

They say that hell hath no fury like a scorned lover. If you find yourself in the middle of a messy breakup, you should probably do everything to protect yourself from finding that out the hard way. Change your phone number, change the locks to your home, mix up your routine a little bit so you don't just "randomly" happen to come across the other person. 

And if the breakup is football related, well the very least you should do is change up your playbook a little. ESPECIALLY if you'll be playing the team you traded a guy to after explicitly telling that player you had no intentions of ever trading them. 

Unfortunately for Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans, they had to find all this out the hard way. Because according to AJ Brown on the Raw Room podcast, he was able to basically print out the entire Titans playbook for the Eagles to memorize before their game on December 4th. 

"I gave every detail. I gave it all. I gave it all. They don’t change nothing. They don’t change nothing. I talked to one of the defensive guys and they say ‘What does this mean? What does this mean?’ I say ‘bro just give me the game film, I’ll tell you what all this means.’"

I'm not saying that teams need to completely change their playbook every time a guy gets traded. But a player like AJ Brown? A guy who played the majority of the snaps and probably had the whole playbook memorized from front to back? That's a dangerous man to having running around out there with all that knowledge in his head. Vrabel probably knew that, said to himself that he was going to get around to changing up the calls a little bit, but then future him never followed through. A tale as old as time. Procrastination at its finest. I'm sure there was a moment while Mike Vrabel laid his head on his pillow on December 3rd and realized he forgot to change the plays. But it was already too late. And the end result?

An absolute shellacking. 35-10 final, thank you come again. 

Now when I think about it, the Eagles don't even need to hire anybody to fill the open Defensive Coordinator position anymore. All they need to do is get Howie to trade for one player on every team on the upcoming schedule. Bring in guys from every opponent's locker room, and hook them up with a little extra bonus on the salary if they bring their playbook along with them. Clearly AJ Brown was the DC for the Titans game and it worked to perfection. Spy Kids 4.