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This Paxton Lynch Stat Proves There's Never Been Another QB On His Level Before

Bob Levey. Getty Images.

Think about how many kids grow up playing the quarterback position. Thousands of them across the country every year. The vast majority of them have their careers ended once high school is over. Some go on to play in college. And only about 1% of 1% of 1% of those kids ever go on to play in the NFL. Last pick of the draft or not, Paxton Lynch is already in pretty rare company. 

But what if I told you that Paxton Lynch was able to accomplish something that no other quarterback in the history of the game has been able to do? Not Tom Brady. Not Joe Montana. Not Elway or Favre or anybody not named Paxton Lynch. At least not after getting benched during the Orlando Guardians game this past weekend. 

Chances were that Paxton Lynch was never going to become the greatest quarterback of all time. He was never going to be in a position to win 7 Super Bowls. So instead of focusing his efforts on becoming the greatest of all time, Paxton Lynch has now cemented his legacy of becoming the worst great quarterback there ever was. 

Think about how truly remarkable this career achievement is. Not only did Paxton Lynch have to be good enough at football to at least get himself a chance to start in all of those leagues, but he had to be bad enough to get benched in all of them. The margin for error there is so razor thin. One somewhat decent game could have catapulted him into a full-time starter role in any of those leagues. One god awful horrendous game could have been the last time he ever stepped on the playing field. He needed to navigate this perfectly to be just good enough to get the starting job in the first place, but never be good enough to actually keep it. Paxton Lynch is just built different.