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The Very Old Former Mets Pitching Coach Is Suing The Team For Getting Fired For Being Very Old

TANNEN MAURY. Shutterstock Images.

NY Post- Phil Regan, the former pitching coach of the Mets, has filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging age discrimination, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Regan, a former player-turned-coach, served as the interim pitching coach for the Mets beginning in June 2019 following Dave Eiland’s firing. Regan, who was 82 at the time, claims in the suit that the team’s former general manager, Brodie Van Wagenen, said he would not return because he was “too old.”

In a statement to TMZ, Regan’s attorney, Matthew Blit, elaborated on his client’s decision to take action.

“Phil is the first to crack jokes about his age,” Blit said, “however there is nothing funny about a person being told that they are being passed over because their employer wants someone younger. That’s discrimination, plain and simple.”

I first want to say wrongful termination suits are to be taken very seriously, but what exactly are we talking about here? Is this not Major League Baseball? Is this not a sport where players get paid millions, managers make millions, and pitching coaches make boatloads of money? Is this not a sport where winning is everything? Is this not a sport that if you don't perform they move you out of the rotation or down in the lineup?  So with all those questions, I ask you one more … WHAT THE HELL ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE? 

Phil Regan is a geezer. He lived a full life contributing to the game of baseball. Hats off Phil … go enjoy retirement in Boca or shuffle board in Sarasota. It's a miracle you got a position at 82 years old. If a professional baseball team decides they want to go with a younger guy … that's the breaks. What are we talking about? It's baseball! They replace old guys for young guys all the time! If you were 38 hitting .265, they probably will go with a guy who's 32 hitting .265. It's the same .265 but one of them is younger. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Why can't it happen with the coaching staff? Phil Regan's lawsuit makes no sense. This business is next man up and will be next man up for eternity. Phil Regan needs to realize he's EIGHTY DAMN TWO and be thankful he got paid for any period of time and move on. This is a young man's game … move on Phil.