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Frankettes vs. Brandon, PFT & Fran For #1 World Trivia Ranking || (The Dozen: Week 19 Preview & Rankings)

Week 19 of the Dozen is here, and it’s a big one. We open with this season’s first official Crown challenge between The Experts and Frank & The Frankettes. Paddy the Baddy returns to the Dozen as The Baddies look to remain undefeated. To end the week, we have last season’s MVP (Kirk Minihane) facing last season’s Rookie of the Year (Rudy) as Team Minihane takes on urMom. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…



  • The Top 4 remain the same; however, Uptown Balls' recent loss drops them to #7 and moves The Baddies and Team Minihane up one spot each.   

  • Smockin does not move at all following an OT loss.   

  • The Family moves from #15 to #13 following their win over Foreplay, Macrodosing leaps from #20 to #15, and Flux goes from #19 to #17.   

  • Foreplay, unfortunately, drops to #20 after picking up their fourth loss of the season.   

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    Now onto the Week 19 preview…

    5-UPTOWN BALLS vs. 19-FLUX

    (1) The Experts
    - 8-2-0 Record  
    - 13.60 Points Per Game 
    - 1.70 Steals Per Game 
    - 100% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Brandon: 5.89 PPG 
    -- Fran: 5.77 PPG 
    -- PFT: 5.57 PPG 

    Experts Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, College Football, Television

    (2) Frank & Frankettes
    - 5-1-0 Record  
    - 14.17 Points Per Game 
    - 2.67 Steals Per Game 
    - 83% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Nick: 6.11 PPG 
    -- KB: 5.86 PPG 
    -- Frank: 4.70 PPG 

    Frankettes Category Advantages: Music, Geography, MLB

    The week opens with a Crown match between two teams with a lot of history. The last time these two teams faced off, The Expert broke a year-long losing streak to upset the Frankettes in the tournament semifinals.   

    Fran has been a massive game-changer in their matches. Back when it was just Brandon & PFT, they’d often miss Celebrity Mashup, Nick would steal, and The Experts would be down 2-3 points to start every game. Now, it’s the other way around, where Fran often puts The Experts out ahead, and from there, the nerves of the Frankettes can get the best of them. KB’s Geography skills are the Frankettes’ ace in their sleeve; in each game they’ve fallen behind, his three-point sweeps bring them back. The match somewhat comes down to KB & Fran.


    Giphy Images.

    (5) The Baddies
    - 3-0-0 Record  
    - 15.00 Points Per Game 
    - 3.67 Steals Per Game 
    - 100% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Blaise: 6.78 PPG 
    -- TJ: 6.61 PPG 
    -- Paddy: 5.44 PPG 

    Baddies Category Advantages: Snacks & Candy, NBA, NFL 

    (10) Big Screamin Honkers
    - 2-3-0 Record  
    - 11.00 Points Per Game 
    - 1.60 Steals Per Game 
    - 60% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Gia: 7.50 PPG 
    -- Robbie: 5.27 PPG 
    -- Klemmer: 3.67 PPG 

    Honkers Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, Movies, MLB

    The Baddies are the last undefeated team remaining in The Dozen and are coming off an absolute rout of the Booze Ponies. Meanwhile, The Big Screamin’ Honkers have found new life with the acquisitions of Gia and Klemmer. Both teams have a lot of momentum and are driving full speed ahead at one another. Gia and Blaise are two of the top contenders for Rookie of the Year.   

    For the first time this season, UFC will be a main category rather than a Niche; expect the Baddies to Double.

    6-TEAM MINIHANE vs. 11-urMOM

    (6) Team Minihane
    - 4-1-0 Record  
    - 13.40 Points Per Game 
    - 2.60 Steals Per Game 
    - 100% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Kirk: 7.23 PPG 
    -- Quigs: 5.67 PPG 
    -- Big Ev: 3.90 PPG 

    Minihane Category Advantages: Movies, MLB, College Football 

    (11) urMom
    - 2-2-0 Record  
    - 10.50 Points Per Game 
    - 1.75 Steals Per Game 
    - 75% Niche Success Rate  
    -- Rudy: 3.97 PPG 
    -- Jack: 3.92 PPG 
    -- KFC: 3.89 PPG   

    urMom Category Advantages: Television, Music, NBA

    The last time these two teams played, Minihane won 12-11 after Kirk stole urMom’s Doubled Movie question. It was a bad flub/overthink by urMom, where they probably should have won. This time around though, they face a much better Team Minihane.   

    UrMom had a cold start to their season where they weren’t scoring a lot of points, Rudy was at one point one of the bottom scorers in the league, and the issue might have been picking Zach Wilson to be on their team logo. Regardless, they picked up a win in their last match and are looking to shock the world as they did in Season 2.   

    These teams are both exceptionally strong when it comes to Movies & Television; those are the categories to watch out for in this game.


    • Rico wins his first-ever Offensive Player of the Week. After a shaky debut, he leads The Family to a blowout win and is now 2-0 in his Niche Categories this season.   

    • Defensive Player of the Week goes to John Rich. Stealing a Doubled Golf question from Foreplay put an absolute dagger in their souls that they may never recover from.   

    • Big T earns Rookie of the Week after totaling over 8 points in Macrodosing’s upset win over Smockin.  

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