A Bunch Of Dorks In Kansas City Are Complaining The Chiefs Got Too Drunk During Their Super Bowl Parade

Oh give me a break. I know people like to complain about, well, everything and anything, but what are we doing here? I know these are letters to the editors and opinion pieces, but they still got published. They still look and sound like dorks. I mean, read some of these: 

[Source] - A submission from Janet Elaine Hensel, who lives in Liberty, Mo. wrote that the team’s ownership and head coach Andy Reid should’ve prohibited alcohol during the parade, which Hensel said looked like a “college fraternity beer bust.”

“If the Chiefs cannot go a few hours without alcohol, the organization has a problem,” Hensel said. “I, for one, was sickened to see this for the second time. Some Chiefs even bragged through social media about how drunk they were afterward. I am ashamed that players I cheered for could barely walk after they got off the bus. No doubt this spectacle made the news in other cities.”

Should have banned alcohol! They bragged about how drunk they got! Yeah, welcome to a championship parade. It doesn't matter the sport. It doesn't matter the city. Athletes get drunk as shit after they win a championship. A little breaking news for everyone here. 

Think about it, these guys spend months breaking their balls going through practice and games and everything else. Who cares if they get drunk? Oh no kids are watching! Let me know if you never had a beer in front of your kid. I'm going to go out on a limb and say 99% of parents have. Oh no! It's not a good role model or look for kids to look up to. 

If you can't laugh at a guy getting so drunk he was basically Paul Pierce, I don't want to know you. 

This just goes back to the underlying theme here. Stop complaining about everything. It's the worst part of this era. Everyone thinks they are entitled to complain about something that upsets about them. It doesn't matter if it's on social media, newspapers, whatever. Stop trying to create an uproar over people having a good time. Don't want to watch them drink, simple. Don't watch the parade or don't cheer for them, because, again, every single team is going to get drunk at their parade.