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I Hate Every Single Thing Rangers Fans Have Said To Me About Patrick Kane This Entire Trade Rumor Cycle

We are officially 10 days away from the deadline. If Patrick Kane gets traded, I'll be upset, but I was in the building for the hat trick against Toronto. If that is one of the lasting memories of his time here, well, that's perfectly showtime of 88. He's delivered beyond our wildest dreams and we are lucky to have had him. Any team would. 

Having said that...FUCK the Rangers fans. Nobody has understood my position on Kane the entire time I guess. People keep saying that I am flip flopping. I haven't flip flopped even once. YOU guys are just morons. I sadly have to include our favorite producer in that camp. Ranger fan, Tommy Leigh Jr

Ranger fans have been in my mentions for a full year now about potential Kane trades. 

I want people to think of this as a long term girlfriend. Imagine you have this stunning girl on your arm. She's perfect. You've been together for a long time. You know that when you go out or she posts on IG there are dudes around the world that want to fuck her. Furthermore, you want them to want to fuck her. You want your girlfriend to be an object of desire, while knowing that nobody else can have her. 

Now imagine people from a particular part of the country are constantly in your mentions saying they're going to fuck her. That she's leaving you. They photoshop her wearing their clothes and walking around their city. That would be super fucking annoying to hear every day for a year. It'd probably get under your skin. You'd probably wish ill upon all of those people and their hopes and dreams. You'd probably hope that they have the most painful heartache ever. Year after year after year. 

Then that same group of people from the same part of the country wake up one day and decide that your girlfriend that they've openly being trying to fuck for a year is now ugly. They say she's not what she used to be. That she's a dog. That she's a shell of herself. Just disrespectful, lying, assholes because they got some pig from STL instead. That would ALSO drive me crazy. They don't see her beauty. They don't know her personality. They don't know what the two of you have been through. You're going to stand up for your love. Defend her. Tell them that they fucked up by settling for some Russian plug and wish them venereal diseases. Probably.  

That's how I feel. I want Rangers fans to shut the fuck up and quietly and respectfully yearn for Patrick Kane. Thou shalt not covet or whatever. He's Hawk. He belongs to Chicago. It wasn't over. It still isn't over.