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The People In Charge Of Madden Are Finally Calling Madden 24 A "Make Or Break" Year After 20 Years Of Running Out The Same Damn Game

Insider-Gaming.com - Madden 23 has been caught up in controversy after controversy over the last few months, and EA management has taken notice. Sources have told Insider Gaming that Madden 24 is a “make or break” release for the franchise.

“The discount for players who lost their franchise is only the beginning,” one close to the game’s development said. “EA has big plans for Madden 24 and the management of the game knows how big of a year it is. Not just for the game, but for their future in their positions.”

Another source says that the game’s sales ultimately won’t matter as much for Madden 24. If the game releases and suffers similar issues to Madden 23, it’s going to lead to a lot of change among the game’s leadership.

The negative response to the game, which management believes is completely justified by the franchise corruption issues, has forced many inside EA Tiburon to have a “now or never” mentality surrounding the franchise.

I don't think there has been a bigger fall from grace in video game history than the Madden franchise. That is until someone finally exposes all those drunken texts from Mario and Luigi to the Princess offering mustache rides. 

Madden has been the same mid ass game since the early 2000s. The last time it was truly fun was 2012 before they sacrificed the game engine to improve graphics. Madden 13 was a miserable gaming experience but somehow still became the basis for Madden games moving forward because that following year the next-gen consoles came out. So a lot of the UI and other elements can still be seen in the newer years.

All of that is just a fancy way of saying these bums think they can run out the same lame game year after year and you will continue to buy it. And they're right. They keep feeding us dog shit and we keep saying, "thank you sir! Another scoop please."

But it sounds like maybe, FINALLY, we might get some effort and innovation put into the game again.

Back in December EA pushed an update to cloud franchises which corrupted some players leagues. And people were PISSED. It's one thing to play along as those grifting scumbags pretend the game has been "improved" every year, but it's a whole different thing to lose your created player Lou Briccant who is a dominant middle linebacker due to his 99 rating in change of direction and finesse moves. That Lou Briccant is a slippery one who is known to penetrate with ease.

But now old Lou is gone, along with your ex-girlfriend who said you play too many video games and need to grow the fuck up. She said the game has looked the same since she started dating you a decade ago so why do you keep playing? 

Well the jokes on her now isn't it?! You might be getting a brand new Madden game and she is stuck with that boring ass doctor husband who gets up early on Saturdays to do crossfit. Feels good to one up your ex doesn't it?

The discount being referred to is the 50% discount EA announced for any Madden 23 players that lost their Connected Franchise save due to an update pushed by the team at EA Tiburon causing save files to become corrupted. Those players will also receive an invite to the game’s closed beta.

EA might be blood sucking leaches but they aren't stupid. They know a discount and access to Beta version of the game isn't anywhere near enough to win back the love of their devoted players. Especially when those players have been on the fence about the game for years anyway. 

Here's hoping we see huge improvements to game play, franchise mode, and just about everything else in a game that has become as stale as that loaf of bread you never touched that's still sitting on your fridge while you hit up a food delivery service for the fifth time this week. There's Super Bowls to be won, no time to cook. 

Never forget, EA doesn't care about you. They only care about profits…and eternal life drawn from the blood of innocent humans who just want to lay the hit stick on their buddy while high on edibles.