No Pressure Or Anything, But AJ Brown Says That He'd Leave The Eagles If They Don't Pay Jalen Hurts

Nic Antaya. Getty Images.

Jalen Hurts has already done everything he'd ever need to do to prove that he's the long term solution for the Philadelphia Eagles at the quarterback position. He was an MVP finalist, led the Eagles to an NFC East title, won the NFC Championship, and went toe-to-toe with the best player in the league for 4 straight quarters in Super Bowl LVII. He's got nothing left to prove but even if he did, he's gotten exponentially better from season to season every year since 2017. So if you think we've already seen the best of Jalen Hurts, there's a strong chance that you're the biggest dumbass on the planet. 

Nick Sirianni knows this. Howie Roseman knows this. Jeffrey Lurie knows this. Your mom told me last night that she knows this as well. So there's not a doubt in my mind that Jalen Hurts will become an obscenely rich man this offseason. It's not a matter of if the contract gets done, but when. 

But that's not going to stop AJ Brown from adding a little extra pressure anyway when talking about Jalen's next deal on the Raw Room podcast

Sidenote: Brutal hat choice, I know. 

That right there is either the best teammate/friend you'll ever have, or a guy who is sick of picking up the bill at dinner every week. Either way, AJ Brown knows that Jalen deserves whatever his asking amount is and then an extra couple million on top of that. Pay that man his money and the Eagles can worry about everything else later. Because the only way you can possibly win in this league right now is if you have a quarterback who can go toe-to-toe with Mahomes. If you don't have that then everything else is moot. The Eagles have that in Jalen Hurts. And it's only a matter of time before he has the contract to match that. Then Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith can continue to terrorize the rest of the NFC for the next 5+ years together. 

By the way, the only thing holding up the Jalen Hurts contract right now is that dweeb in New York. The moment that the Daniel Jones contract gets done, Howie will add a few more million to that and then had it over to Jalen to sign. 

Go Birds.