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Gonna Do Something Weird Here And Give UNC Basketball Some Credit - They Don't Just Suck, They Historically Suck

Gotta hand it to UNC. I know that might sound weird to people who know me, but my hands are tied. They ended Coach K's career before completely mailing it in this year and historically stinking. Not only are they tied for the most losses by an AP preseason No. 1 team (a team that made a title game with a bunch of freshmen). But they are on pace for being the first team to straight up missing the NCAA Tournament. 

This is all from their lost yesterday to NC State, which led to this beautiful moment: 

Just a bunch of trolling between UNC and NC State all year. Good. Hilarious when UNC sucks, but still good. We should embrace shit talking, even in the dumbest fashion, in sports. But this blog is about UNC. This blog is giving them credit for being hilariously bad. They are 0-8 in Quad 1 games. Their best win? A below .500 Ohio State? Maybe NC State at home? Either way, it ain't great. 

A variety of reasons if we wanna be honest. They weren't that good last year. They just got hot in March. People overvalued them - not me. I tried warning you they weren't the best team in the country. Credit me for that one and only that one we'll harp on. But their guards are inconsistent. They are trying to sub in Brady Manek (who was an elite shooter, knew his role and knew how to play with a star in Bacot) with Pete Nance. That ain't working. 

So credit to them. They ruined Coach K's career. Then they promptly mailed it in and are in the midst of a historically awful season. Impressive really.